What We’re Shown May Not Be What’s Really Happening


During the time my son was at UC Berkeley, they had a fair number of campus protests. Usually the protests were about tuition hikes or something race-related.

As a parent paying tuition, I was against tuition hikes, but I was also against my kid participating in protests when he should be studying.

Whenever I heard about a Berkeley protest in progress, I’d check in with the boy to make sure he wasn’t participating, which he wasn’t. I got the impression from the way he talked about it that not only was he not participating, none of his friends were participating and no one with any sense was participating.

Sather Gate protest

I was at the Berkeley campus myself during one of the protests. There were 100 people, maybe less, blocking Sather Gate to protest a microaggression or something, but it was easy enough to just walk around them.

When I watched the news that night, I saw close-in camera footage of the 100 people, as though that was the totality of what was happening at the school that day.

If you weren’t there, you might watch and think “Wow, the whole campus is in an uproar!” but what you didn’t see was 25,000 other people ignoring the 100 protestors, going to class and trying to get on with their day.

If you weren’t there, what you see is not really what was happening.

I don’t know if that’s the case with these “Kill the Jews” protests but I hope it is.

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