California’s Workers Now Want $30 Minimum Wage


California’s Workers Now Want $30 Minimum


In January, California raised the minimum hourly wage from $11 to $16. In April, the minimum wage for fast-food workers went to $20.

That’s a problem if you own a fast-food restaurant because in addition to the increased labor cost, you’ve got to deal with inflated prices for beef, poultry, vegetables, eggs, etc. You can either eat (no pun intended) the costs yourself or pass them on to customers, some of whom will become former customers because they can no longer afford to eat at McDonald’s.

Another option is you can lay off workers — 10,000 fast-food workers in California have lost their job since the $20 minimum wage took effect.

Nobody learned anything from that because now they want $30/hr.

If you think about it for a minute, you’ll realize that if you have skills that are worth $30/hr, you’d already be earning $30/hr. You wouldn’t need a law requiring companies to pay you $30/hr. If the only way you can earn $30/hr is to make it required by law, then it becomes illegal for you to have a job, except with companies that for some reason are willing to pay you more than you’re actually worth.

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