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Turning Away Wrath

There are answers which, in turning away wrath, only send it to the other end of the room, and to have a discussion coolly waived when you feel that justice is all on your own side is even more exasperating in marriage than in philosophy. — George Eliot, Middlemarch Read more →

Why You Should Never Tell Someone to Relax

The one that really gets me is being told to “calm down” by someone angrier than I am . . . Read more →

Can You See the Real Me, Doctor?

I decided to get off meds for a while . . . Things That Are the Same I start every morning thinking about how great it would be to just stay in bed the rest of the day. Repeatedly hitting the snooze alarm — does life get any better than that? I live in fear of negative judgment. I dread… Read more →

Angry Illiterates Shouldn’t Work at Bookstores

There’s no one behind the customer service counter at Barnes and Noble but there is a woman doing something with the books in front of the counter . . . “Do you work here?” I ask. “Yes,” she says, but not in a friendly way . . . more like yes, I work here but I regret it. ‘I’m looking… Read more →

Why I’m Angry

I believe in a world where I can set something down and it will still be there in the same place the next time I need it. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a dangerously optimistic notion about what the world and other people are like. Read more →

I’m Easily Annoyed

I’m easily annoyed. My wife knows I’m easily annoyed and that one of the things that really annoys me is when people ask me to fix something that isn’t really broken. So when she asks me to fix a problem with her browser and I close it, reopen it and it works fine, she exclaims, “It’s scared of you honey!… Read more →

Just Saying Hello

I have great anxiety, hope, desperation, regret, anger, joy, shingles and insight. I balance all of these just saying hello to someone. — Eddie Pepitone Read more →

Angered by Trivia

people are strange: they are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice . . . — Charles Bukowski, “wandering in the cage” Read more →

What Makes Me Mad

You know what makes me mad? People asking me, “Are you mad about something?” If I’m mad about something, I’ll tell you I’m mad about something. When someone asks me if I’m mad about something, it makes me think they know something I should be mad about. From now on, when someone asks me if I’m mad about something, I’m… Read more →

Getting Pissed Off

My son tells me that when he has a hockey game, he’s now going to start getting pissed off as soon as we leave the house so he’s in the right frame of mind for the game. I can’t see how being pissed off is going to help anyone play better, but I think he’s sort of kidding. Anyway, we’re… Read more →