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More People I’m Sick Unto Death Of


Males over the age of 10 who lower their pants at public urinals . . . Read more →

What Are You Looking At?


When you step out of a shower and there’s a full-length mirror available, what do you look at? I look at upper-body muscle tone. I don’t look at anything above the neck or below the waist. Does this change as you get older? I used to look below the waist, front and back, not all the time but occasionally. I don’t do that now. I asked my wife and she doesn’t look at anything. Read more →

Cleaning on the Day Shift


A couple of months ago, the cleaning staff at our office started working during the day, instead of after hours. Whatever improvements were supposed to accrue from that have evidently not come to pass because starting next month, they’re going back to the night shift. What I will miss most about having them around during the day is their impeccable sense of timing in closing the men’s room twice a day for cleaning at the precise moments that I urgently need to use it. Read more →

Likes and Dislikes


Dislike: Restrooms where the freshening agent smells worse than urine . . . Read more →

Too Much Collegiality


The men’s and women’s restrooms at our office face each other across a hallway. Neither one of them has a double-door entry for privacy. If you push open the door to the men’s room, you’re looking at a row of sinks, but if you’re coming out of the men’s room at the same time someone opens the door to the ladies’ room, you’re looking right at the stalls, including ankles and feet if anyone’s in them. I’m all for collegiality in the workplace, but isn’t this overdoing it? Even at home, I don’t mind if people close the bathroom door . . . Read more →