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Goofus and Gallant on COVID-19


Goofus: I am stuck. I’ll never make it through this situation, and even if I do, I won’t be as successful as I was before. This is a downward spiral. Gallant: I am Growing. I am making progress – sometimes gradually and other times rapidly – with learning new skills and developing better habits. I am becoming stronger through these trying times, and so are many others in my work organization and community.   Goofus: I am fragmented. I’m being pulled in too many directions to be truly helpful to anyone. Gallant: I am Integrating. I am drawing upon a broad reservoir of resources from my varied experiences, which can help me navigate new challenges. My authenticity and vulnerability can help me to build deeper connections and establish healthy boundaries with trusted colleagues during trying times.   Goofus: I am incapable. I don’t have enough courage to meet this challenge,… Read more →

Goofus and Gallant


President Bush was unreflective and cocky for playing golf amidst serious world events. President Obama’s “frequent golf outings reflect a cool self-confidence.” Read more →

Goofus on Software


When Gallant has a question for someone, he walks down the hall and asks it. Goofus keeps fruitless email threads going for weeks. Here’s an excerpt from the comment thread on a trouble ticket regarding a database record with an incorrect status code. comment 7563 posted by goofus on 2008-09-10 8:53 AM I did change the status code in test and this did fix the problem. However, we need to speak with JS regarding this issue as to how this will be affected in production. comment 7611 posted by me on 2008-09-12 9:15 AM Let’s get JS’s response so we can close this. comment 7621 posted by goofus on 2008-09-12 9:52 AM Emailed JS regarding this issue. Waiting on a response. comment 7637 posted by goofus on 2008-09-12 2:49 PM JS is out of the office until Tuesday, 9/16. comment 7773 posted by goofus on 2008-09-18 2:05 PM Sent another… Read more →