Goofus and Gallant on COVID-19


Goofus: I am stuck. I’ll never make it through this situation, and even if I do, I won’t be as successful as I was before. This is a downward spiral.

Gallant: I am Growing. I am making progress – sometimes gradually and other times rapidly – with learning new skills and developing better habits. I am becoming stronger through these trying times, and so are many others in my work organization and community.


Goofus: I am fragmented. I’m being pulled in too many directions to be truly helpful to anyone.

Gallant: I am Integrating. I am drawing upon a broad reservoir of resources from my varied experiences, which can help me navigate new challenges. My authenticity and vulnerability can help me to build deeper connections and establish healthy boundaries with trusted colleagues during trying times.


Goofus: I am incapable. I don’t have enough courage to meet this challenge, and I don’t have the resources to help anyone else in a significant way.

Gallant: I am engaging in Virtuous action. Every day I rise to meet the unanticipated challenges I face. I will seek opportunities to provide compassionate care for others during trying times. I will maintain my integrity, by sincerely trying to activate my best self during trying times.


Goofus: I am diminished. I’m not handling this as well as my coworkers, peers, or relatives. Everybody seems to have things under control except for me.

Gallant: I am Elevating my self-worth. I focus on my own goals and growth, appreciating my personal journey, and savoring opportunities to contribute to my family, organizations and community. In trying times, I resist the urge to demean or compare myself to others. I am strengthened by becoming my personal best – showing up, being present, and making an honest effort to achieve collective goals and higher ideals.

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