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Why I Don’t Tell Jokes to My Wife


I say to my wife, “I saw a cartoon today . . . a husband and wife are standing in their living room looking at a huge painting on the wall, a portrait of an elderly man in an armchair, and the wife says to the husband, ‘I thought he was your grandfather.’” My wife says, “Who was the guy?” “The wife thought he was the husband’s grandfather and the husband thought he was the wife’s grandfather.” “So why was his picture in the house?” Read more →

Two More Reasons I Won’t Go on a Cruise


Captured by pirates, you are given a choice between walking the plank or joining the crew. The crew are all Yankees fans.   When your luxury cruise ship, featuring Las Vegas–style live entertainment, sinks in midocean, you find yourself adrift in a lifeboat with a tiger, a chimp, and an Herbalife salesman. On the second day, the tiger and the chimp commit suicide. — Susan Schorn, “Worse Things Happen at Sea” Read more →

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