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Halp Us Jon Carry

3 Nov 2006 /

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

And I think this reveals, is a glimpse into what the Democrats actually mean when they say we support our troops. They support them as victims, as children, as people too stupid to know better. But they don’t support them in the mission they’re fighting, thousands of miles away.

Halp us Jon Karry -- we r stuck hear n Irak

Antiwar Myths About Iraq Debunked

23 May 2006 /
A lie told often enough becomes truth.
— Lenin

OH YEAH!? Not if I have anything to say about it, comrade!

Not only do lying liars rely on Lenin’s repetition principle, they rely on people being generally inattentive, uniformed and eager to believe anything consistent with their existing opinions.

I say that as someone who’s as inattentive and uninformed as anyone on most topics. But I do know a couple of things, and I set them forth herewith.

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Lurch to the Right, Lurch to the Left

27 Aug 2005 /

. . . we don’t need some great lurch to the right or lurch to the left or redefinition of the Democratic Party.

Lurch to the right, Lurch to the left

Bush vs. Kerry

21 Mar 2005 /

A photographic comparison

I Feel Safer Already

9 Sep 2004 /

Spirit-crushing foolishness from my candidate, John Kerry. The nation is trying to figure out how to fight global terrorism and he’s talking about having ‘not just a Department of Health and Human Services, but a Department of Wellness.’ How about a Department of F***ing Perspective?

iet-Vay am-Nay ad-ay auseam-Nay

29 Apr 2004 /

The candidate [John Kerry] offered his guests peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, a daily staple for him on the road.

His passion for PB&Js, Kerry told his companions, dated back to Vietnam, where he not only ate them frequently but traded them for other commodities.

John Kerry, International Man of Mystery

14 Mar 2004 /

I’ve met foreign leaders who can’t go out and say this publicly, but boy they look at you and say, ‘You’ve got to win this, you’ve got to beat this guy, we need a new policy,’ things like that.

‘In terms of who he’s talked to, we’re not going to discuss that,’ spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said yesterday. ‘I know it would be helpful, but we’re not going into that. His counsels are kept private.’

A Brief History of Democratic Statesmanship

12 Mar 2004 /

Speaking at Columbia University in 1959, a student challenged the 33rd President [Harry Truman], a Democrat, on dropping the second A-bomb. ‘The reason I asked this,’ the student said, ‘was that it seemed to me the second bomb came pretty soon after the first one.’ After speaking testily of ‘Monday morning quarterbacks,’ Truman said simply: ‘I was there. I did it. I would do it again.’

Daniel Henninger, The Wall Street Journal

KERRY: I think George Bush rushed to war without exhausting the remedies available to him, without exhausting the diplomacy necessary to put the U.S. in the strongest position possible, without pulling together the logistics and the plan to shore up Iraq immediately and effectively.

TIME: And you as Commander in Chief would not have made these mistakes but would have gone to war?
KERRY: I didn’t say that.

TIME: I’m asking.
KERRY: I can’t tell you.

TIME magazine, March 7, 2004

Foreigners for Kerry

8 Mar 2004 /
North Korean flag

I’ve met foreign leaders who can’t go out and say this publicly, but boy they look at you and say, ‘You’ve got to win this, you’ve got to beat this guy, we need a new policy,’ things like that.

SEOUL — North Korea’s state-controlled media is known for its reverential reporting on Mr Kim Jong-il.

But the Dear Leader is not the only one getting deferential treatment: Mr John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic candidate in the United States, is also getting good play in Pyongyang.

His speeches are being broadcast on Radio Pyongyang and reported in glowing terms by the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA).

Quotes on Kerry

8 Mar 2004 /

Yet not all Democrats are thrilled with John Kerry. (As an aside, try to wrap your mind around the phrase ‘thrilled with John Kerry’ and you’ll see why he might not be the strongest nominee.)

I have never met anybody, nor seen anybody interviewed, nor received an email from anybody, nor read a letter to a newspaper from anybody who really woke up in the morning and thought: If John Kerry doesn’t win, I just don’t know what I shall do.

Christopher Hitchens, The Daily Mirror

We Need to Know the Truth

2 Mar 2004 /

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president, said he thought there ought to be some investigation of the claim that Aristide was forced out and escorted by U.S. troops.

‘I have a very close friend in Massachusetts who talked directly to people who have made that allegation,’ Kerry said on Today on NBC. ‘I don’t know the truth of it. I really don’t. But I think it needs to be explored and we need to know the truth of what happened.’

This has become standard operating procedure for Democrats: put out some outlandish statement (President Bush had foreknowledge of Sept. 11, Bush was a ‘deserter’), then say you ‘don’t know the truth of it’ but it’s ‘out there’ and ‘we need to know’ what happened.