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12 Years for Bullets


https://t.co/u7jTIDLmY5 via @nypost — Paul Epps (@paulepps) May 17, 2024 Twelve years in prison seems excessive for a tourist with bullets in his luggage. Not even a weapon. Just bullets. Maybe a modest fine would be warranted. That said, I’m skeptical that the bullets wound up in his luggage “accidentally.” Although I admit I can’t think of any reason for packing bullets on a family vacation, I can tell you that on any vacation or trip that I’ve ever taken, every item in my luggage was there for one reason only and that’s because I put it there. Read more →

Sam Brinton: History-Making Government Official or Mental Case?


This article seems to be nominating the guy for sainthood. “History-making”?! He’s the first male government official to come to work in a dress? I’m not even sure he can claim that title. Maybe Rachel Levine was first. Or maybe it was someone else. But Levine uses female pronouns and Brinton doesn’t, so I guess that’s historic. This, to me, is not a good look for a government nuclear energy official: Yes, we all of us have our kinks or peccadillos, but we don’t have photos of them on the internet. What sort of vetting process is in place in the Biden administration? Mental disorders are obviously not a disqualifier. Are we seeking to make ourselves an international laughingstock? The article is as sympathetic as it’s possible to be, lamenting the fact that Brinton has been “misgendered,” and referring to his thefts as “accusations.” (Yes I know, innocent until proven… Read more →