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Ayatollah So

In Iran you can vote for anyone for President so long as that person has been approved by the Ayatollah Khameini. We Americans call that system a dictatorship. Voters in America recently discovered that they live under an Iranian type of system and didn’t know it. In the primaries, voters participate in some sort of ritualistic placebo voting while party… Read more →

How Would You Like to Share This News?

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Neil Young in LA

Neil Young is playing a couple of solo acoustic shows next month at the Dolby Theatre. Tickets went on sale Monday morning, but somehow I missed the fact that they’d been available via “pre-sale” since last Friday and were all gone by Monday morning. What a heartbreaker. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of technology and social networks, Mr. Young and… Read more →

Coursera Recommendations

Coursera‘s been around long enough now that some classes are being offered for a second time, including a couple that I’ve taken and recommend: Modern & Contemporary American Poetry, taught by Al Filreis at Penn Social Network Analysis, taught by Lada Adamic at the University of Michigan Read more →

Visualizing Social Networks

I’m taking a Social Network Analysis class on Coursera. These weren’t assignments for the class (well, the Facebook one sort of was), just some experiments I wanted to share. Facebook You can use netvizz to download a gdf file of your Facebook network, i.e., all of your Facebook friends and all of the connections between them. You can then use… Read more →

I’ve Got a Little List

From the LinkedIn profile of a linguistically challenged IT manager: High-Level Strategic Planner and Executioner Read more →

Living in the Digital World

A 2011 study by telecommunications giant Ericsson found that 35% of iPhone and Android users check their email or Facebook account before getting out of bed in the morning. Read more →

Alone Together

We are lonely but fearful of intimacy. Constant connectivity offers the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. We can’t get enough of each other if we can have each other at a distance and in amounts we can control. — Sherry Turkle Read more →


My wife dominates the Twitter landscape with almost 1,000 followers . . . “I have to say something to my followers about my son going to college,” she says. The boy overhears this and pipes in: “My only child is leaving for college in two months. Hashtag sadbutproud.” Read more →

Thomas Jefferson on Weinergate

Rep. Weiner of New York — one of the 13 original colonies — has been sending photos of his penis to women in Texas, Washington and other points west. When I was president, Texas and Washington weren’t even part of the country, and if I wanted to show a woman my dick, she had to be right there in the… Read more →

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways

My eyes were severely burned by a toxic poison.Hospitalized Mon.Excruciating pain.Now home.Pray my sight loss is restored — Rick Warren (via Twitter) The Lord moves in mysterious ways, e.g., blinding a mega-pastor. Call me a skeptic, but if I were blind and in excruciating pain, I wouldn’t be sending Twitter updates. These guys like to exaggerate and call attention to… Read more →

Twitter: 2010-06-26

RT @SarahKSilverman: Sometimes people act like the US isn't the only country in the whole world. # Ignore the influencers: The dangers of a social media world | Conversation Marketing http://shar.es/mIRWQ # Watching the World Cup unfold on Twitter at http://twitter.com/worldcup/home # Read more →

How Can I Help You?

How can I help you succeed? How can I help you ask strong questions, take wise risks and deliver great content? How can I help you prosper? Most importantly, how can I help you learn and make new connections? How can I help you serve the larger group, of which we are both a part? — Marcia Conner Read more →

Why Social Networks Matter

Smarter Work: Why Social Networks Matter View more documents from Sacha Chua. Read more →

Life After Death

What Happens to Your Facebook Profile When You Die? — Yahoo! News I plan to post updates from the afterlife. Example: “Why is everything red?” Read more →

Microblog: 2009-04-06

Everyone in Irvine drives the same car: http://tinyurl.com/cad86w # Most valuable and underused social media strategy: http://blog.foghound.com/474/ # 5 Ways ‘Common Sense’ Lies to You Everyday: http://tinyurl.com/cdmhxa # Read more →

Daily Twitter for 2009-03-17

RT @BonnieLowe: Chris Brogan’s “If I Started Today” post about social media/networking: http://tinyurl.com/6o5lx3 # eating a green bagel. i m 1/2 irish myself frm okeefes & flynns on my moms side # Read more →

Oh the Vacuity!

One of my in-laws says to me, “I enjoy reading your Facebook updates.” “Thanks,” I say. “I enjoy reading yours too. When I’m having trouble sleeping.” Read more →

LinkedIn Meta

If you’re not on LinkedIn this isn’t going to be funny but I got this email today from my brother: I’m going through a social media epiphany…so “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” 🙂 Read more →