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Mirrors and Mirror Holders


Inviting Chaya Raichik, the woman behind #LibsofTikTok, to CPAC is "a gesture of contempt towards every teacher, every medical provider, and every other American who cares about making the world a kinder and safer place,” @AriDrennen told me.https://t.co/4ZzMJXEm8T — David Gilbert (@daithaigilbert) March 1, 2023 Doesn’t LibsOfTikTok just repost other people’s videos? It holds a mirror up to people who don’t like what they see and all they can think of to do is to hate mirrors and the people who hold them. As I post this, the tweet is getting ratioed at more than a 10-1 clip. I’d like to think this means that many people are getting as sick as I am of this “I hate you because you’re not as kind as I am” mental malfunction. Also sick of “People who cannot be expected to parrot opinions I hold myself should not be allowed to speak.” Now… Read more →

Have You Seen Anyone in the US Flying a Ukrainian Flag?


Profile icons don’t count. I've never seen one, you incoherent mumbling toad. https://t.co/uFeTvy5o1p — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) February 21, 2023 Read more →

That is a Load of Educational Malarkey!


I think every kid, in every zip code, in every state should have access to every education opportunity possible. I guess, for some, that isn’t the consensus view. https://t.co/d1FAeWwKv1 — President Biden (@POTUS) February 17, 2023 That is a load of malarkey! I mean, the bullshit meter just totally pegged. That is not what he thinks and anyone who knows even a little about politics knows that is not what he thinks. What he thinks is that every kid in every zip code should attend the public schools that they’re assigned to based on where they live. And if those schools are hopeless trash fires, the kids should attend those schools anyway. Teachers unions and the Democratic party are co-dependent. The unions, in addition to providing financial support, are the foot soldiers of the party. In exchange, no Democrat will ever — and I mean never ever — support school… Read more →

Shell and Apple


Shell recorded a record profit in 2022 of $40,000,000,000.That’s 40 billion. That’s double their $20,000,000,000 in 2021. Aren’t you happy for them? Because your life is great too. — Phil Hendrie (@realphilhendrie) February 2, 2023 How much should they make? Apple made $120 billion selling gadgets. Shell sells a product people need. Read more →

Pfizer Employee Flips Out on Video


As I write this, YouTube has taken down the video, I assume because it shows a Pfizer employee acting like an out-of-control cartoon character and damages the vaccine narrative. The video is still up on Twitter. WATCH: Pfizer Official ‘Physically Assaults’ James O’Keefe, ‘Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings’ https://t.co/OviQpYh2Ol — Paul Epps (@paulepps) January 28, 2023 Read more →

Trump Back on Facebook


Here's an alternative: We could consolidate government and corporate power to crush dissent. It worked for Mussolini! Well … for a while it did. https://t.co/n3MOYo7HLg — Paul Epps (@paulepps) January 26, 2023 Read more →

Accountability Without Consequences


‘I was too ambitious’: Spotify CEO announces layoffs among 6% of employees as tech job cuts continue — msn.com Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that the decision to restructure Spotify is an “effort to drive more efficiency, control costs, and speed up decision-making,” adding that he takes “full accountability for the moves that got us here today.” I love it — and when I say I love it, I mean I don’t love it — when someone says they take “full accountability” for some disaster, knowing perfectly well that there won’t be any personal consequences. There’s no accountability without consequences. Had he said “I’m forfeiting my salary for the year and donating it to the employees who lost their jobs,” now that’s something I could respect. Popular Bookstores, Including Barnes & Noble, Are Closing Locations, Starting Feb. 11 — bestlifeonline.com JCPenney Is Closing Even More Locations, Starting Next Month —… Read more →

Fast Food Robots


How robots are helping address the fast-food labor shortage https://t.co/xh8Ghv9rZX — Paul Epps (@paulepps) January 21, 2023 There’s not really a fast food labor shortage. It’s created by the fact that unemployment benefits and ObamaCare subsidies can total up to $120,000 per year for a family of four. Not bad! If you can make six figures for doing nothing, you wanna go be a fry cook? The robots address the fact that the absurdly high numbers that people want to make for minimum-wage work is well beyond the value that minimum-wage workers add to the bottom line. The real minimum wage is always zero. Read more →

A Time For Choosing


This is a time for choosing. Will we choose democracy over autocracy?Community over chaos?Love over hate? These are questions of our time that I ran for president to help answer. And of which Dr. King’s life and legacy will guide us forward. — President Biden (@POTUS) January 16, 2023 That depends. Is aggregating state and corporate power to censor the internet democracy or autocracy? Is it community? Is it love? Read more →

No Child Knows They Are Trans


This is my belief. No child knows they are trans they know they feel different. Trans is a diagnosis you get through therapy and care, not from the internet. — Buck Angel® Transsexual (@BuckAngel) January 16, 2023 Read more →

Wealth Tax


How do those two things even go together? What gives the government the right to use any individual citizen for the benefit of others? https://t.co/4WUNRlURzz — Paul Epps (@paulepps) January 16, 2023 Read more →

Unemployment Stays Unbelievably Low


Bed Bath & Beyond to Close Three More Stores in Los Angeles, Orange Counties https://t.co/ELCIzMhY3Q — Paul Epps (@paulepps) January 14, 2023 The company is closing about 150 stores overall, plus layoffs in corporate and supply chain. You can swap new company names (Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, etc.) into these layoffs and closing stores stories every day and still get sunny government economic reports based on nothing I can see except unbelievably low unemployment numbers. And when I say “unbelievably low,” I mean literally not believable (see here and here). Read more →

We Cannot Remain Silent, Except When We Can


We cannot remain silent about Elon Musk’s reckless decision to suspend numerous journalists’ Twitter accounts. — Center for American Progress, AFT and other progressives The New York Post responds: “Journalism is the cornerstone of free speech,” 14 progressive groups fume. “An attack on journalism” is an “assault on one of our fundamental pillars.” No, progressives can’t “remain silent” when that happens — unless, of course, it’s The Post reporting a story that’s unfavorable to a Democratic nominee for prez, as with the paper’s 2020 scoop on Hunter Biden’s laptop. When Twitter banned The Post for that, you could’ve heard a pin drop from the supposedly high-minded defenders of “journalism” and “free speech.” Read more →

FBI: Exposé of Our Spread of Misinformation is “Misinformation”


The “Twitter Files” have been coming out in installments over the last couple weeks or so, documenting how the FBI, CIA, the Democratic party, almost every major news outlet, and tech giants like Twitter collaborated to label any information that might make people want to vote against Democrats as “misinformation,” and using that label to justify hiding the information from public view. The centerpiece of this collaboration was the Hunter Biden laptop story, reported by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 election. 50 members of the U.S. intelligence community signed a letter, which, if you read it carefully, said that the laptop could be Russian “disinformation,” although there was no evidence that it was Russian disinformation, and they really had no way of knowing whether it was Russian disinformation, but that it looked like like the kind of sneaky trick that Russia would pull, knowing that it would… Read more →

A Berkeley Prof Explains Why Grocery Prices Are Skyrocketing


The question is why are they skyrocketing NOW? There's nothing in your tweet that hasn't been true for 10 years. You don't have to be a Berkeley prof to know that so why are you pumping out this BS? https://t.co/rtp6bJM65G — Paul Epps (@paulepps) December 22, 2022 Read more →

Why Must Teachers Buy Their Own Supplies?


That's mismanagement. Avg per pupil spending in US is almost $15K. 30 kids in a class would be $450K. Deduct the teacher's salary and there should be enough left for supplies. P.S. Non sequiturs and false choice fallacies are not REQUIRED for every post. https://t.co/PMisLtoe4a — Paul Epps (@paulepps) December 21, 2022 Read more →

The Employment Numbers WERE Wrong. Implications for Elections?


It looks like I was right about the employment numbers not making sense, which is maybe not such a good thing, in that everyone could see the same things I saw and yet I didn’t notice anyone (including “reporters”) asking “Why am I being told things that do not match up with reality?” Thank god I’ve been assured by powerful people that there is no possible way our government could propagate these same kinds of mistakes (lies?) with regard to election results. Read more →

Twitter Files and Two-Party Politics


Most major media outlets united to disseminate an absolute lie concocted by the CIA: the Biden archive was "Russian disinformation." Not one media outlet that spread this lie has admitted that they did this or explained what happened. https://t.co/BYsLbH5lbR — Paul Epps (@paulepps) December 10, 2022 The media outlets listed above, along with most others, will not and cannot recognize any scandalous or improper behavior by leading Democratic politicians. Ask them to name any. The same is true for individuals who are quite happy to parrot the statement that Twitter is a private company that was perfectly entitled to enforce its Terms of Service. Hence, a nothing burger. I don’t know if anyone is even arguing that point. However, the Terms of Service violation cited for killing the laptop story had to do with hacked materials. Of course, there were no hacked materials and there was no evidence of hacked… Read more →

Suck it Up, Censors!


This is kind of obvious but have you noticed that when someone is revealed to have done something they shouldn’t have done, they try to deflect the blame to whoever revealed the wrongdoing? It’s becoming customary, almost compulsory, on any point of contention to assert that your opponent’s position is not only wrong but that it would result in a loss of safety for, and in fact the probable death of, some unfortunate person or persons. Suck it up, censors! Read more →

What They Said vs. What They Meant


Recall how Twitter touted its purpose back in 2016: “Twitter connects you with the people you’re interested in — whether that’s someone across the world who shares your love for science-fiction, your friends and family, a politician, or your local sports team.” If, from the beginning, Twitter had declared that, “We are a progressive company, and we are only interested in connecting progressives with other progressives, and we will suspend the accounts of conservative users with little warning and with vague explanations, and we will block the public’s ability to see news that we think might make them want to vote against Democrats,” well, at least then it would have been honest, and most conservatives never would have bothered to set up accounts on Twitter. — Jim Geraghty Read more →

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