EppsNet Archive: Veterinary Medicine

Looking For a Vet in Orange County?

We took Lightning to Animal Hospital of Irvine his whole life — 13 years. We boarded him there too when we went out of town. They took excellent care of him. How do I know that? Because years ago we used to board him at PetSmart and it was always a struggle. He didn’t want us to leave him there.… Read more →

A Saddening Trip to the Vet

Even with the utterly lost, to whom life and death are equally jests, there are matters of which no jest can be made. — Edgar Allan Poe, “The Masque of the Red Death”   I’m picking up Lightning’s prescription at the vet . . . the new girl, Lauren, is at the desk. I can hear a woman weeping loudly… Read more →

Don’t Try to Be Funny at the Vet

I’m picking up a prescription for Lightning at the vet . . . the new girl, Lauren, is at the desk. “It’s a little different this time,” Lauren says. “We didn’t have the Prednisone 5mg, so we’re giving you Prednisone 10mg, and instead of giving him half a tablet, you’ll give him a quarter of a tablet. I already cut… Read more →

Spa Day at the Vet and Erica’s Departure

I dropped Lightning off at the vet for grooming . . . “Make it like a spa day for him,” I said. “With lots of pampering. Don’t just put him in the sink and soak him down like we do at home. Make it free pampering though, nothing that will cause extra charges to accrue. By the way, where’s Erica?”… Read more →

A Trip to the Vet

I’m picking up a prescription for Lightning at the vet. He takes 5mg/day of a steroid for his joints, half a tablet in the morning and half at night. The tablets are scored to make them easier to cut in half, but the vet staff uses a pill cutter, making cutting on the scoring actually a little more difficult because… Read more →

I’m Addressing the Shortage of Women in Technology

I keep hearing that there aren’t enough women in technology, like this is a problem. The most obvious explanation is that women don’t want to work in technology. If they want to work in other fields, fine. If they want to raise their kids, even better. I did some tutoring for a girl taking AP Computer Science. She’s a junior… Read more →

Allergy Shots

My vet says I have to go on allergy shots! I’M AN ALPHA DOG NOT A CANINE PIN CUSHION! GRRRRRRRR! — Lightning Read more →

A Trip to the Vet

The vet asks my owner if my appetite is normal. “He’s hungry every second,” he says. “Is that normal?” For a pug it is! Now the vet is telling him how much our visit today is going to cost. “Whoa, sticker shock,” he says. “How much would it cost to just put him down?” WHAT?!?! “Kidding,” he says. HEY THAT… Read more →

The Census is Unfair to Dogs

My owner filled out the census form for our whole family except me. He said he was sorry but there are no questions on the census about pets. I think that’s not fair because dogs bring a lot of love and joy to peoples’ lives. If they don’t count us, how will they make sure that we have adequate access… Read more →