I Hate to Look at Wedding Photos


For several years after I got married, I kept a wedding picture on my desk at work — not one of the “professional” photos, but a candid picture of my wife and me, taken by one of the guests.

Wedding picture

It was really the best photo to come out of the event, and my wife looks so incredibly, spontaneously happy . . .

“Have you ever seen anyone that happy?” I once asked a co-worker.

“I have,” she said, “but I used to work in mental health.”

I don’t keep that picture at work anymore . . . it’s quite old, for one thing, and here’s what I think about when I look at wedding pictures, not just my own:

She’ll never be that young again. She’ll never be that pretty again.

She’ll probably never be that happy again.

And it’s more troubling if the woman in the picture gave up her youth, beauty and happiness spend the rest of her life with you because you have to wonder: Was it worth it?

And how could it be, really?

  2 comments for “I Hate to Look at Wedding Photos

  1. Me
    27 Oct 2006 at 5:09 pm

    Couldn’t you try to make her that happy again? Maybe then it would be “worth it”

  2. HW
    27 Oct 2006 at 9:21 pm

    Whose side are you on here, Me? I am a good husband. Are you married, by the way? “Making” people happy is not as easy as you might think…

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