More People I’m Sick Unto Death Of


Hugh Hefner

As if the Carl’s Jr. commercials weren’t bad enough, I saw one of those “Celebrities on the Town” shows where “Hef” is getting out of a limousine with his entourage of girls, shambling into a club like a doddering old man in what appears to be a bathrobe, his hair sticking way out in back like he slept on it the wrong way and nobody bothered to tell him . . .

Pathetic — hurry up and die.


Kobe Bryant

I saw an interview in which he was asked if his legal troubles are interfering with his livelihood.

Who fucking cares?!

It’s like asking a guy who killed his parents how it feels to be an orphan.

It’s his own damn fault, is what I’m saying . . .



PROVO, Utah (AP) — Search crews on Sunday found the body of one of three snowboarders buried under a huge avalanche, after two days of digging and probing through snow piled up dozens of feet deep in spots.

There’s a new video game out where you can snowboard down an avalanche.

Maybe that’s where they got the idea.

I hope so, because that means we should be seeing more of this kind of thing.

Snowboarding is such a dopey activity — people often say that life is too short, but if you don’t have anything better to do with your time than snowboarding, your life is, in fact, already way too long, and is crying out to be cut short by an avalanche . . .

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  1. Sarah
    12 Jan 2009 at 4:51 am

    I love you

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