Outside the Lines


It’s the last high school roller hockey game of the regular season.

One of the kids’ dads shows up for the first time and asks questions like, “Do they win most of their games?”

Do they win most of their games?! Are you kidding?! You should know that. Even if you don’t come to the games, you could ask your kid when he gets home.

Another dad has a great answer. “Come over here,” he says. “I want to introduce you to your son.”

Over on the moms’ side of the bleachers, they’re talking about financial matters. One woman is sad because they bought their house at the peak of the market and they’re financially stuck in it for the foreseeable future.

Another woman almost cries describing how 14 years of contributions to her husband’s 401k have been totally wiped out.

Meanwhile on the rink, Northwood dominates Capo Valley pretty much as expected . . .

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