Tweets on 2009-03-20

  • RT @VJnator: The only time Obama is not using the teleprompter is when he uses the word “Look” beginning his sentence.That is the indicator. #
  • Forgot my sunglasses, had to drive 2 work w/out them. Turns out to be overcast, no sun. It’s a good day… #
  • Buy Ichiro’s house – $1.75 million: #
  • @VJnator He does…it’s an arrogant way to start a sentence. in reply to VJnator #
  • RT @PeteCarroll: Best of luck to Coach Floyd and the Trojans in Minneapolis! Beat the eagles!! #
  • My brother’s visiting from the Pentagon. Not on official business. Nephew’s wedding this weekend. #
  • Building credibility by admitting that you don’t know the answer: #

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