Evolution of a Mission Statement

11 Dec 2009 /

From TheCoreProtocols Yahoo group:

This one is pretty good:


Compare that to the previous one:

Our mission is to make a significant, positive impact on the healthcare system by changing behaviors and improving outcomes.

And before that:

APS is dedicated to providing user-friendly, accessible, comprehensive and innovative behavioral healthcare systems that promote teamwork, relationships, and provider partnerships; add value to our client’s services; and improve upon members’ quality of care and outcomes. APS believes that quality is achieved by providing access to the most appropriate care and in the least restrictive setting.

And originally:

The mission is to be a premier care management company that can flexibly, yet cost effectively, deliver the full continuum of care management services needed to improve total health outcomes; and, more specifically, to assure quality care is provided in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting based on individual patient needs and within the guidelines of the particular insurance contract.

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