Don’t Touch My Stuff


“Anyone who knows me as well as you do,” I say to my son, “knows that one thing I really hate is when I put something in one place and somebody moves it to a different place, so the next time I need that thing I can’t find it. Which brings me to the topic of the DVD remote . . .”

“I put it to the left of the TV,” he says.

“Are you sure you didn’t put it behind the TV where no one would be likely to find it?”

“Did you find it?” he asks.

“No — Mom found it, and when I asked her where she found it she pointed behind the TV.”

“Hmmm . . . I would say it was to the left of the TV.”

“Let me ask you this: Why did you move it at all?”

“It was in my chair.”

“That’s not ‘your chair.’ You don’t have a chair.”

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