At Least He Went Out a Winner

Cockroach champ Edward Archbold

Edward Archbold was, according to those who met him on Friday night, the life of the party – a bit of a showoff who was up for anything, even a giant cockroach-eating contest.

He won. And then, tragically, he died.

Not every death is a tragedy. (We pause here for a moment to give Darwin a chance to spike the football.)

Whenever I hear someone described as “a bit of a showoff who’s up for anything,” I find myself wondering how soon they can die in some bizarre attempt to attract attention.

Given what we know about the deceased, how surprised are you — on a scale of zero to 10 — that a shirtless mug shot was available for use in his obituary?

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  1 comment for “At Least He Went Out a Winner

  1. PE
    10 Oct 2012 at 12:33 am

    He’s the cockroach-eating champion. No one can take that away from him.

    If he’d finished second, third or fourth, he’d be just another random jackass.

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