He Moves in Mysterious Ways

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There’s a story on the TV news about a fire that burned down a local preschool, owned by the same family for 44 years. Fire investigators suspect arson.

The owner is being interviewed. “The Lord will get us through,” she says.

“I’m surprised the Lord let someone burn the place down to begin with,” I say to my wife.

“You can’t look at it that way.”

“I can’t?”

“It’s just something that happened and the Lord will get them through it.”

“I don’t see how the Lord can be given credit for anything that happens as long as it’s good, but when something bad happens, well, it’s just a random incident that he couldn’t do anything about. Where’s the accountability? Is the Lord making things happen in your life or isn’t he? Well, the preschool burned down, that was regrettable. The Lord must have looked away for a moment. But now he is going to take charge and set things right. Make sure we get the insurance money. How does this make any sense?”

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