The Most Transparent Liar in Modern Times?


I’m the most transparent public official in modern times. — Hillary Clinton

“That’s why as Secretary of State I ran a shadow government from a private email server, sending and receiving communications regarding secret programs, anti-terrorist activities, drone strikes, etc., so that there would be no public record of my activities.

“I also give paid speeches to Wall Street firms under a contract that prohibits anyone from releasing a transcript of what I said.”

What a scream! Maybe she means she’s the most transparent liar in modern times . . .

Hillary Clinton

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  1. -----
    8 Mar 2016 at 10:11 pm

    Most politicians lie. Below are some examples or presidential lies.

    Johnson lied about Tonkin.

    Nixon lied about Watergate.

    Reagan lied about Social Security.

    Clinton lied about his zipper (to put it politely).

    Obama lied about transparency.

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