Chess Game of the Day: Queen’s Pawn Game, Chigorin Variation


One of my online chess games. Some annotations below . . .

2. …d5 Queen’s Pawn Game: Chigorin Variation

12. Ne5 12. Nd2 might be better, as the queen’s bishop runs into a wall in this line.

16. Bg3 A sacrifice that’s maybe not easy to find in a 2+1 blitz game is 16. f4 gxe5 17. fxg5 followed by O-O.

22. Rxf6?!

22. …Qxf6?! 22. …Kxf6 is better just in terms of material but this is playable.

22. Kxg2? This can wait. 22. Rd1 brings another piece into the fray.

29. Rd2? I like 29. h4 because the king can use h2 as an escape square, and the rook is going to be better at d3.

30. Qe4?? Losing. Advancing the h-pawn keeps the game alive.

30. …Bh3+ Mate to follow.

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