Biden Apologizes for “Illegal”


There’s so much about this that I don’t like. He doesn’t express regret for an immigration policy that allows people to enter the country illegally and to stay in the country even after being arrested for multiple crimes. He doesn’t express regret for a young woman being murdered as a result of that policy. There’s no moral equivalence between word games and murder. It’s beyond contemptible.

Anyone who thinks it’s important to tell people how to speak, what words they can and can’t use, is a person to be ignored and shunned. As a free citizen, I’ll speak the way I want to.

Biden was given a secure border and instructions on how to keep it secure. He issued close to 100 executive orders undoing everything the previous administration had done. I can’t say this for sure, but under the policies in place when Biden took office, I don’t believe the alleged killer would have been in the country, and Laken Riley would be alive.

A person who ignores a murder while apologizing for maybe hurting the murderer’s feelings by calling him what he is. . . it’s hard to marshal enough contempt for someone like that.

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