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Another Reason Notre Dame Has a Terrible Football Team


Officers reported that several people began jumping over a fence when they arrived and, specifically, they observed a group of five men attempting to jump over a fence and ordered them to stop, said Capt. Phil Trent, South Bend police spokesman. — Notre Dame quarterback, linebacker arrested Thursday morning – wsbt.com Police arrive to break up a party, five guys jump over a fence and the only two who get caught are Notre Dame football players. Read more →

From the Notre Dame Photo Album


This is either the 2011 version of the Four Horsemen or an Irish production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Read more →

USC 31, Notre Dame 17


Notre Dame came into the game at 5-2, USC at 5-1, both unranked, but for some reason Notre Dame was a 9-point favorite. The Trojans dominated on offense and defense, gave up a touchdown on a kickoff return, and left some points on the field at the end of the game when they let the clock run out on the Notre Dame 2-yard line. Looking ahead, the Irish played a lot of juniors and seniors, while the Trojans were playing a lot of freshmen and sophomores. I don’t know why the Irish, trailing by 14, let the Trojans run out the last four minutes of the game without ever calling a timeout to try to get the ball back. FIGHT ON! Read more →

Charlie Weis Was Bad but at Least He Never Killed a Kid


How A Notre Dame Student Died, And Why He Shouldn’t Have. Read more →

Charlie Weis: Done


I will mostly miss him because his teams were lousy and I enjoyed watching them lose. — Dashiell Bennett Read more →

Twitter: 2009-10-20


RT @LAMase: #USC Coach Carroll press conf: "It was nice to beat Notre Dame twice." # Read more →

Wishful Thinking


Notre Dame really believed this was going to be the year they ended the losing streak to USC. The university had pre-authorized the tearing down of the goal posts if the Irish won . . . Read more →

USC 34, Notre Dame 27


We hope to keep this thing going. It’s a big deal to us. It’s special. So we’ve got to hang onto it next time around when they come to our place. We have to get after it and see if we can keep the thing going. Because it’s very special for the SC family to continue to be on top of this rivalry. — Pete Carroll FIGHT ON! Read more →

I Hate Notre Dame


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! I’m excited because this week is USC vs. Notre Dame, the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football! I love USC because my owner went to USC. Hooray! I hate Notre Dame. Grrrrrrrrr! Do you know what I do when Notre Dame beats USC? Neither do I because I’m only six years old. — Lightning Read more →

I Love the BCA!


The Black Coaches Association (BCA) is about to issue grades to colleges and universities on their minority hiring practices: The BCA asked each of the 28 schools that had job openings during the past year to complete a form that was analyzed by an outside firm. Any school that does not complete a form receives an F. At USC, our traditional football rivalries are with UCLA and Notre Dame. Both of these schools have black head coaches and we kick their tails every year. Last year’s scores: USC 47, UCLA 22 USC 45, Notre Dame 14 More black head coaches! Fight On! Read more →