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Theological Question

I hear people say that bad things happen to kids in schools because God isn’t allowed in schools. Why do bad things happen to kids in churches? Read more →

Teaching Computer Science: Asking for Help

I’m volunteering a couple mornings a week at a local high school, helping out with computer science classes. This morning, in AP Computer Science Principles, the teacher went through an explanation of the hexadecimal number system, then gave an in-class assignment for students to convert their cell phone number to hexadecimal. Not in two parts, 3 digits and 4 digits,… Read more →

A Couple of Questions About Commerce

Why are store receipts so damn big? I bought a couple of 3V batteries at Office Depot and got a receipt as long as my arm. (The receipt is shown upside down to discourage you from stealing my identity.) Why do chip readers have to honk at you when your transaction is approved? I get that they’re reminding me to… Read more →

How Do I Know If I’m Gay?

Here’s what I learned on the internet today: Gay refers to any male-identified person who is physically or emotionally attracted to other male-identified people. Lesbian refers to any female-identified person who is physically or emotionally attracted to other female-identified people. So if I’m a male-identified person and the female-identified person I’m having sex with decides right in the middle of… Read more →

Teaching Computer Science: Ask More Questions

You need to ask more questions. I think there’s a general fear about asking questions. There’s a risk of looking foolish in front of the whole group when it turns out that everyone else already knows the answer. It’s actually very unusual for someone to ask a question to which everyone else knows the answer. If you find it happens… Read more →

Teaching Computer Science: Pro Tips for Finishing a Project

For many (most?) students doing an object-oriented development project for the first time, this assignment is too difficult to do without a lot of guidance. Therefore: ask for help early and often. If you wait till the night before a checkpoint, you won’t have enough time to finish and we won’t have enough time to help you effectively. Therefore: ask… Read more →

How to Save a Lot of Time in Interviews

There used to be a book titled The Top 2800 Interview Questions…And Answers. I have this fantasy: You walk into an employer’s office, shake hands, and say, “I know you have a lot of questions for me. So let’s save us both a lot of time.” You slide that baby across the desk toward the manager… “So here they are,… Read more →

More Words and Phrases I’m Sick Unto Death Of

How big was it? The go-to question for lazy sports media goofballs everywhere. How big was that game? How big was that performance? How big was that play? In case you hadn’t noticed, the word “big” doesn’t make sense in this context. How big was it? It was bigger than a breadbox. It was bigger than my dick. “Let me… Read more →

Six Drucker Questions that Simplify a Complex Age

Via Harvard Business Review. My personal favorite is “What would happen if this were not done at all?” Read more →

3 Questions That Get All Women Excited

I get a lot of spam lately with that topic: 3 Questions That Get All Women Excited. Does anyone know what the questions are? Asking for a friend . . . Read more →

To-Do List

Strive for clarity and distinctness. Ask “What do you mean, and how do you know?” Read more →

Which is More Valuable: Collaboration or Competence?

The title of this post makes a good interview question. Usually, the candidate will say something to the effect of “they’re both valuable” to avoid the possibility of slipping up and choosing the one that the interviewer believes is less valuable. Let’s say we need to get a picture painted. We could say, “Picasso — you’re our best guy in… Read more →

Let Me Save You Some Time

Are you sick and tired of . . . ? Fill in anything and my answer will probably be yes. Read more →

What I’d Really Like, Dad, is to Borrow the Car Keys

My son walks into my room and says, “Dad, where are your car keys?” “Where are you going?” I ask. “Gym,” he says, and starts to walk out of the room again. “Wait a minute. Where are you going?” “To the gym.” “I got that, but you asked me a question and you’re walking out of the room before I… Read more →

A Project Management Question

Which is better: A. Telling a project stakeholder that his good idea is never going to happen? B. Letting him think it is going to happen when it isn’t? Read more →

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