Jack LaLanne at 88

19 Sep 2002 /

From a Dateline NBC interview with fitness guru Jack La Lanne, who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sept. 26, his 88th birthday:

Keith Morrison: A lot of people, once they start to get older, have things like strokes and heart attacks, high blood pressure, arthritis, those kinds of diseases that are associated with age. Have you had a heart attack?

Jack La Lanne: I can’t afford to. It’d wreck my image. I can’t afford to die, man.


Jack La Lanne: Would you get your dog up in the morning and give him a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a doughnut?

Keith Morrison: You told me that the first time I interviewed you.

Jack La Lanne: You’ll kill the dog.


Keith Morrison: Why don’t you retire? Take it easy?

Jack La Lanne: Are you kidding, retirement? Man, I thought you’re my buddy and you like me. Retirement is a death knell. That’s why so many people die prematurely. Retirement — that is the killer, that’s when you should start living.


Keith Morrison: So can we come see you when you’re 100?

Jack La Lanne: I hope so. I hope you’re around.

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  1. Dan Mount

    14 Mar 2007 @ 1:09 pm

    Jack is still the king of fitness bar none. And his teacher, Paul Bragg, is still one of my favorite experts on health. He is the one who really taught me the relationship between mind and body. If you want to be tuned in on a high spiritual level you have to eat foods in their most natural state. Avoid all processed foods. Eat simple, vegetables,grains and fruits with little or no animal products, except fish and organically raised poultry and dairy foods.Bragg also taught the importance of fasting once or twice a month which wii keep you young looking for a long time and that is for sure!

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