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Good News, Bad News

23 Oct 2017 /

Bad News: Americans are retiring later, dying sooner and are sicker in-between.

Good News: I found this video of a rescued raccoon who thinks she’s a dog:

Opting Out

18 Jun 2011 /
In the United States, Social Security benefits...

What we need is competition and a chance for people to opt out of the system. You talk about opting out of ObamaCare? Why can’t we opt out of the whole system and take care of ourselves?

That’s a great question that I’ve wondered about for many years. For example, why can’t people opt out of Social Security? It seems to be in pretty bad shape.

Why can’t I say to the government, “Do not take any Social Security deductions from my income. Let me keep all that money, and when I retire, you owe me nothing.” Why is that not an option?

You might say, “Because you’ll screw it up. You’ll spend all the money now, and when you’re too old to work, you won’t have anything in the bank.”

Why is that your problem?

Saving for Retirement

5 Dec 2010 /

Saving for Retirement

Jennie Finch Retires

21 Jul 2010 /

Softball star Jennie Finch set to retire

Retire?! At 29?! From softball?!

On our company softball team, she’d be the youngest player!

Retirement Planning

10 Mar 2010 /

Retirement Planning

A Mixed Blessing

9 Dec 2008 /

Reviewing the EppsNet balance sheet: investment accounts down, home equity down. My wife says at least we have our health.

Even that’s a mixed blessing as my retirement planning currently includes dying young before the money runs out . . .

Jack LaLanne at 88

19 Sep 2002 /

From a Dateline NBC interview with fitness guru Jack La Lanne, who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sept. 26, his 88th birthday:

Keith Morrison: A lot of people, once they start to get older, have things like strokes and heart attacks, high blood pressure, arthritis, those kinds of diseases that are associated with age. Have you had a heart attack?

Jack La Lanne: I can’t afford to. It’d wreck my image. I can’t afford to die, man.

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