EppsNet Archive: Retirement

Neil Diamond Retires From Touring

Neil Diamond Announces Retirement From Touring After Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis — Variety Sorry to hear this . . . as a young person I had the Hot August Night live album on an 8-track tape and I played it till it wore out . . . Read more →

Good News, Bad News

Bad News: Americans are retiring later, dying sooner and are sicker in-between. Good News: I found this video of a rescued raccoon who thinks she’s a dog: Read more →

Opting Out

What we need is competition and a chance for people to opt out of the system. You talk about opting out of ObamaCare? Why can’t we opt out of the whole system and take care of ourselves? — Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) That’s a great question that I’ve wondered about for many years. For example, why can’t people opt out… Read more →

Jennie Finch Retires

Softball star Jennie Finch set to retire — FOX Sports on MSN Retire?! At 29?! From softball?! On our company softball team, she’d be the youngest player! Read more →

A Mixed Blessing

Reviewing the EppsNet balance sheet: investment accounts down, home equity down. My wife says at least we have our health. Even that’s a mixed blessing as my retirement planning currently includes dying young before the money runs out . . . Read more →

Jack LaLanne at 88

From a Dateline NBC interview with fitness guru Jack La Lanne, who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sept. 26, his 88th birthday: Keith Morrison: A lot of people, once they start to get older, have things like strokes and heart attacks, high blood pressure, arthritis, those kinds of diseases that are associated… Read more →