How to Destroy Creativity

  • Always pretend to know more than anybody else
  • Police your employees by every procedural means
  • Have your professionally-trained staff members do technicians’ work for long periods of time
  • Erect the highest possible barrier between commercial decision-makers and your technical staff
  • Don’t speak to employees on a personal level, except when announcing raises
  • Be the exclusive spokesman for everything for which you are responsible
  • Say yes to new ideas, but do nothing about them
  • Call many meetings
  • Put every new idea through channels
  • Worry about the budget
  • Cultivate the not-invented-here syndrome

  1 comment for “How to Destroy Creativity

  1. Homina Homina
    15 Nov 2007 at 2:14 pm

    This, i think, decribes the vast majority of organizations that employ more than, say, 25 people. Good ideas abound. Implementation of the ideas? (crickets)

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