Hola, Estúpidos

9 Nov 2007 /
Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn
Hugo Chavez and Kevin Spacey
Hugo Chavez and Naomi Campbell

Mr. Penn, Mr. Spacey, Ms. Campbell — Thank you so much for coming to visit me. Muchas gracias!

Shortly after your visits, 80,000 Venezuelans will gather at the Central University to protest my attempts to expand my dictatorial rule. Eight of these people will be injured when masked gunmen open fire on them.

I of course will be shocked by this display of brutality — as shocked as I’ve been since Claude Rains discovered gambling at Rick’s Cafe.

The incident will no doubt raise questions in people’s minds as to whether you actually support the armed suppression of free speech, or whether you are just naive simpletons.

Regrettably, there will be a writers’ strike on at the time and you will therefore have nothing to say . . .

Tu amigo,

Hugo Chavez

2 Comments on Hola, Estúpidos »

  1. 12 Nov 2007 @ 8:10 am

    Man… oh man…
    I don’t understand what they are thinking.

  2. Mike

    15 Nov 2007 @ 12:46 pm

    I could’t agree more—–I love your title Hola Estupidos

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