Aging Boy Bands


A Facebook friend posted some photos from the Backstreet Boys concert in L.A. last weekend. Most of the “boys” now have worse hairlines than I do.

Shouldn’t bands named Boys or Kids be forced to retire when they start to go bald?

Or at least change their name from, say, New Kids on the Block to Old Guys on the Porch?

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  1. Maris
    30 Jun 2010 at 10:09 am

    Beach Boys, Oak Ridge Boys, Pet Shop Boys, noone suggested changing their names. Perhaps you are uncomfortable with continuing to see a group that was originally marketed to preteens continuing to perform at all. Then again, the Beatles were marketed to preteens with lunchboxes, games, dolls, pillowcases, fake wigs. Its very sad that we live in an era of age discrimination where someone who continues to work and make a living doing what they love AND their fans love have to put up with attitudes like the above…..

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