Serious People Don’t Ski


Five men, including three prominent Long Beach community and business leaders, were killed and one person seriously injured Wednesday when their Salt Lake City-bound plane crashed along a runway at Long Beach Airport and burst into flames.

The group of six were on their way to ski in Park City, Utah, friends said.

I think we’ve covered this before but there are certain key indicators in life that you are not a serious person and one of those indicators is that you take ski trips.

And it’s a key indicator squared if you’re a grown man and you take ski trips with other grown men.

Did Nietzsche take ski vacations with his buddies? No, he didn’t.

Did Abe Lincoln take ski vacations?

Did Gandhi take ski vacations?

You see how ridiculous it is to even think about that?

So on the bright side, it’s not like promising lives have been cut short here . . .

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