What Are the Rules on Refusing a Religious Funeral?


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. —- The father of the Orlando gunman said his son was buried at a Florida cemetery this week.

Seddique Mateen would not say where his son, Oman Mateen, was buried, but said it was an Islamic burial.

A lithographic painting depicting a Muslim funeral

Is a Muslim entitled to an Islamic funeral no matter what kind of atrocity he commits, in particular, an atrocity committed in the name of Islam? What are the rules on this?

Would a Catholic, for example, who pledged allegiance to the Pope before shooting 100 people be entitled to a funeral mass in the Church?

I remember a couple of years ago in Australia when an Islamic extremist got himself and a couple of hostages killed in a siege, the funeral director with the Lebanese Muslim ­Association said this:

We don’t care about him, we don’t know him, chuck him in the bloody shithouse. Nobody’s going to do his funeral. No Muslim funeral home will accept him. They can throw him in the bloody sea.

Anyone who does harm to Australians, we don’t want him. This is not a human, this is an animal. He killed innocent people … even if you paid us $3 million we would not do his funeral.

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    22 Jun 2016 at 1:26 am

    Would a Protestant “who pledged allegiance to the Pope before shooting 100 be entitled” to anything from the Catholic church?

    The point of the above is every faith, even Christianity, has its share lunatics and zealots. Wild Bill Donohue and Blabbering Bryan Fischer come to mind in this regard.

    Likewise, not all religions, even those under the same denominational umbrella are the same. Comparing one to the other often has a lot in common with making a fish out of bicycle parts.

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