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A Tradeoff

24 Aug 2013 /

Okay . . . but who would be raising our kids? Or is that not important?

Two Bright Spots in the Recessionary Landscape

31 Mar 2009 /
  1. Fewer kids in day care
  2. More women in porno

Another Reason I Never Put My Kid in Day Care

21 May 2007 /

A day care worker in Tulsa, Okla., was looking after eight children ages 7 and younger.

One of the kids, a a 2-year-old boy, would not be quiet for nap time, so she bound his hands and covered his mouth with masking tape.

That silenced him — permanently. The boy died after several days on life support.

I never did trust people enough to have them raise my kid. Never did.

Now if you were to respond that the average day care worker is no less capable than the average American mom of raising a child without killing it, I’d say — you’re probably right!

I’m just talking about my kid . . .

Another Argument Against Day Care

21 Oct 2006 /
Orange County Register

My Fantasy Football League Fantasy

6 Nov 2004 /

My workplace is teeming with idiots who know more about some steroid-amped freak and how many yards he ran with a ball in his hands than they do about their own family members and whatever babysitter is raising their kids for them.


I wish I could go back in time and strangle them all in their cradles . . .

The Day Care Worker Killed My Kid

6 Sep 2003 /

…parents now are pushing for laws that would make it a felony for a day care worker to give a child medicine without written permission from a parent or a doctor’s order. One state already has passed such legislation.


Last month, North Carolina made it a felony to give children medicine without permission. That law was named for 5-month-old Kaitlyn Shevlin, who died in 2001 after being given the generic form of Benadryl. Her care giver, Josephine Burke, served four months in prison on misdemeanor charges of child abuse and neglect.

The Washington Times, “Day care drugs worry moms,” (emph. added) Sept. 3, 2003

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Kids in America

3 Aug 2003 /

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average child care worker earns $9.57 an hour. This is less than we pay people to cut our hair ($10.40 an hour), shine our shoes ($9.95 an hour) and park our cars ($9.87 an hour).

Repeat: Kids in America are being raised by people earning $9.57 an hour.

That explains a lot . . .

Another Reason I Never Put My Kid in Day Care

9 Jul 2003 /

LANCASTER, California (AP) — The foster mother of two young boys who died after being left five hours in a sweltering sport utility vehicle was arrested for investigation of child endangerment.

The woman’s occupation? She runs a day care center.

I’m looking at a picture on CNN.com, and the vehicle appears to be a Cadillac Escalade, so at least the kids died in a nice car . . .

Having it All!

22 Oct 2001 /

Working moms are destroying the nation

The labor force participation rates of mothers with infant children fell from a record-high 59 percent in 1998 to 55 percent in 2000, the first significant decline since the Census Bureau developed the indicator in 1976, according to the Fertility of American Women report released last week.

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