Thomas Jefferson: MAGA Republicans

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

I have to confess I have not figured out the difference between a “MAGA Republican” and a plain old Republican. A “Make America Great Again” Republican. It doesn’t sound so bad.

And with that still unresolved, we are now confronted with “extreme MAGA Republicans,” who apparently want to make America extremely great again.

Midterm elections are not far away and if I were a Democrat, I wouldn’t be looking forward to them with great optimism.

Every Democratic policy has failed. They are under water with the economy, we are in a recession based on the GDP numbers continuing to decline, mortgage rates are at a 15-year high of 6.7%, we are in a bear market based on the plunging stock market ($9 trillion dollars in value lost since January,) the Inflation Reduction Act won’t reduce inflation.

They are under water on crime, supply chain, energy independence, border security, international policies.

But they do have some made-up phrases to enter into battle with: “MAGA Republicans,” “extreme MAGA Republicans,” “semi-fascists.” Next time you hear someone use the word “fascist,” ask them what it means. That should be fun. A lot of people just repeat words and phrases that they’ve heard even though they have no idea what the words or phrases actually mean.

Make America extremely great again . . .

Thomas Jefferson

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